Monetisation and commercial features

Your app can be monetised in four ways: (1) Pay to download (2) Subscription (3) In-App Purchases (4) Sponsorship.

If you haven't already seen our feature set, please take a look here

Disciple offers the following commercial models: 

  • Single or Multi plan subscriptions for the whole app
  • Single or Multi plan subscriptions for the whole app with additional In-App Purchase (IAP) of content in folders
  • Single or Multi plan subscriptions for one/multiple sections and the remainder sections free
  • In-app purchases of one/multiple sections in folders (providing access in perpetuity), and the remainder sections free

Subscription plans can be set up to be monthly or annual. 

Free trials can be set up for a subscription app: 

  • 3, 7 or 30 Day free trial for monthly subscription 
  • 1 or multiple-months trials can be offered with Annual Subscription 

Prices for subscription plans or in-app purchases are limited to iOS App Store pricing tiers. Full list is here. Android can be priced more flexibly.

Commercial product types

There are two types of commercial products available in the app: subscription plans & in-app purchase (IAP).

Subscription plans allow for various sections of the app to be locked as part of a subscription or one-off purchase. 

The IAP product allows digital files to be locked in the folders section of the app only.

If two models co-exist in one given app, purchasing one product does not provide an automatic access to another. 

Subscription plans: 

  • There can be up to three tiered subscription plans in the app. It is possible to have monthly and annual price points but you must offer matching frequencies for each of your plans.
  • Each plan can access content marked as ““subscribers only” in the console. Each piece of content can be marked as restricted to one or many of your plans.
  • This content can appear on feeds and in folders to members with or without the right plan, but it will be locked or blurred without the right plan.
  • Both folders and individual files in folders can be marked as subscription only content
  • Mandatory groups can be set as subscriber only, and will only become visible once a member subscribes to the required plan
  • Posts in non-subscriber groups can be set as subscriber only
  • Event buttons can be restricted to subscriber plans and will not be accessible without the right plan
  • Live streams can be restricted to subscriber plans and a paywall will be shown without the right plan
  • Content which needs a subscription plan will be blurred out or locked when viewed by a member that doesn't have the required plan
  • If a member clicks on subscriber only content, they will see the paywall screen with the subscription benefits and pricing for each plan
  • Once subscribed, all content available to that plan will be unlocked

In-App Purchases / IAP Product

In-app product (sold as in-app purchase) is content that is locked in a folder and is assigned to a specific product code in the hub. When viewed by a free user, the file assigned to a IAP in the folder has a tint layer on top and a padlock sign next to it. 

  • Content assigned to an in-app purchase can only be hosted in the folders of the app
  • There can be multiple products in one given app 
  • Live stream feature can not be tagged into a IAP product. If the app only has IAPs, the live stream feature will be a free feature
  • Files can be assigned to multiple products. i.e. more than one product could unlock them (only 1 of them required)
  • IAPs files can be audio, video, images, PDFs (“documents”) or entire Folders.
  • IAP has very limiting payment flow - one screen with character limit on product description.

Linking to external web stores

Apple & Google Pay integration to allow for simple purchasing. You can also sell app exclusive merchandise by making the website a secret link. 

External web links are, however, suitable for physical products only. Digital products (music, ebooks etc.) must be sold via in-app purchase or link to Apple Store for iOS and Play Store for Android. 



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