Messages & Friends

There are many different ways to connect with and interact with other members. When it comes to connecting to other members and private messaging, there are a few things you should be aware of...

Firstly - you can only message another member if you are connected to them. 

Secondly - you can easily stop someone messaging you or block anyone at any time. 

REMEMBER - You always have the block option and can remove any member so they cannot see your information anymore if needed. To block another member go to their profile and select the block option from the burger menu on their profile page. If you have a specific issue with another member you can also go one further and report them. 


Following someone is the best way for you to keep up to date with exactly what they are up to and their activity inside the app. By following someone you will receive notifications on every post they make in the app. If you are currently in the app it will pop up in your notification centre and if you are not in the app you will get a push notification on your device. 

How do I follow someone?

Navigate to the profile that you want to follow and you should see the follow button next to the connect button at the top of their profile!


What if I don't want to follow another member anymore?

This is fine! You just need to select the following option from the menu on that member's profile. The other member won't be notified. You will notice the tag will change when you follow and unfollow someone so you know whether you are following someone or not.

How do I find people to follow?

You can navigate to anyone's profile by clicking on them in-app or by heading to our Member Directory. 


Connecting with someone must be initiated from either member and as soon as you are connected you will be able to have private conversations inside the messaging part of the app.

So how do you connect to another member?

Navigate to the profile that you want to connect with and you should see the connect button next to the follow button at the top of their profile! 

What if I don't want to be connected with another member anymore?

Select the Ignore Messages option from the menu on that member's profile. The other member won't be notified but you will need to re-request if you want to be reconnected with them.

How can I tell I am connected with someone?

You will be able to message them! To spot this just check the profile of the member you are wanting to be connected with and you will see the Connect option will have changed to "message".

Do I have to connect with someone or can I just follow them?

It's up to you whether you choose to follow or connect to someone. Connecting to someone will allow you to message someone else and following someone lets you know when that member posts in the app. 


Messaging is the function where you can message other members privately in the app. All messages are securely stored and only you and the other members can see the content.

To send a private message all you need to do is be connected to the person you want to message and go to the messaging tab. 

If you want to start a group message with more than one person, all you need to do is to be connected to all those people and make sure you add them all when you start that message.