The menu bar is a feature of your community app and web platform, where members can navigate to different areas of your community.

It’s represented by three lines, on the bottom right side of your app, or on the top right hand corner of your web platform: 

Selecting it will open the menu bar: 

You can customise the items that appear here from The Console. Navigate to ‘Navigation’ and select the three lines - the menu icon: 

This will show you what already exists in your menu, and give you the option to add more items, as well as rearrange the order that they’re displayed: 

Select the pencil icon to edit an existing item, or the bin icon to delete it. The arrow icons on the left hand side allow you to drag and drop the menu items to rearrange their order. 

To add a new item, select ‘Add menu item’. This will open the following pop up: 

From the Type drop down, select the type of item you want to link to: 

Depending on what you select, further options will appear for more specificity. For instance, if you select ‘Folder’, another drop down will appear to ask which Folder.

Make your selection:

Finally, give this menu item a title. This is the title that will appear in the navigation bar:

When you’re done, click Add. 

Rearrange, edit and delete, until you’re happy with the menu layout. Then hit Publish!