Member directory

Help your community to find interesting members to connect with.

Communities are essentially made of people. At Disciple we’re not providing you a platform to only host content, we help you to create a unique place for your members to gather without no geographical limit.

People in your community share one main similar affinity that makes them enjoying being part of your community. But the people in your community are more resourceful than producing and consuming the content found on your community; every single member has the potential to become a valuable asset to another member. 

To make people discovering other members in communities, we've created a new screen for you to add to your community: The member directory.

What is the member directory?

The member directory lists all members in your community and allows your members to filter other community members by profile fields, group membership, new members to the community, new members in groups and group admins.

Who’s listed in the member directory?

All members of your community are listed in the member directory, except:

  • your own member account you're logged in with,
  • members who prefer for their profile to be kept private (more info here),
  • members you’ve banned,
  • members you’ve disabled,
  • members you've deleted,
  • members you've blocked from the member you're logged-in with.

The members list is sorted by engagement ranking. The members displayed first are the most engaged ones.

How to setup the member directory on your community

The member directory is by default enabled in your community, however you need to . The member directory can be accessible from different places on your community.

    From the navigation menu

    Go to the Navigation page of the console and add the menu item with "Member directory" as type.



    From a folder

    For communities using a folder as home page, you can create a sub folder with the link to the Member directory.



    From a post

    For communities using a group as home page, you can add a button link to a pinned post. You may want to do this also if you have a specific group you may have in your community for your new members to introduce themselves.

    Other places to find the member directory

    In addition to the places you can setup the member directory mentioned in the previous section , the member directory can also be opened when a member is accessing:

    • The expanded list of community members (on Web desktop from the Activity feed, when at least one mandatory group has the "Show members and count" enabled)
    • The expanded list of new members in the community (Only if "Show list of new members in Activity feed" in the Onboarding page of the console is enabled)
    • The expanded list of group members (Only on groups with "Show members and count"  enabled)
    • The expanded list of group admins on a group
    • From a member profile on the community, when clicking on a searchable profile field value to discover who else on the community has this similar profile field value.

    The filters on the member directory

    In addition to browse the member directory, your members can also apply filters to the list of community members to find other members with specific criteria.

    From the member directory, members can filter the list of community with the following filter types:

    • New to the community
    • Group membership
    • New to a group
    • Admin of a group
    • Searchable profile fields

    How to setup searchable profile fields

    When adding/editing a profile field in the Profile & badges page of the console, you can set a public profile field as "Searchable by other members".

    Additionally, you can enable the "Display on member search results" if you feel that this information is one of the best information to display on a member profile list item for other members to make the decision if they want to connect with them. On the member directory, only the first profile field in the list of profile fields with the property "Display on member search results" enabled will be displayed on the member card item.

    When the first profile field is not mandatory and a member leaves it empty, then the first searchable, displayed on the member search results and non-empty profile field will be displayed on the member card item of the member directory.

    To re-order the profile fields to decide which one should be first and displayed on the member directory, go back to the list of profile fields in the Profile & badges page of the console. 

    Only multiple choice, short text, long text and number types of profile fields can be searchable. Although we allow it, we don't recommend to having long text profile field being displayed on member search results.

    Update profile fields with a short text

    We've noticed that some community hosts preferred using a question for the Profile field title. While this makes sense when looking at the setup your profile and edit your profile pages, it doesn't make sense to display a question on someone's profile and thought that asking a question like: "Which city do you live in?" is more appealing that just writing "City".

    On the ConsoleFor this reason, we've renamed the previously called field "title" with "question".

    The "question" textfield will be displayed on the setup your profile and edit your profile pages.

    Additionally, because a question text looks inappropriate on member profiles and it's usually too long to display it on the Member directory filters, we've replaced the question on the member profile  and the text on filters of the member directory with the short title.

    In case you haven't set all short titles in your profile fields, it will always default back to displaying the text of the question.