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How do I make a suggestion for a new or improved feature?

Do you want to submit an idea for a new feature or improvement? Read on to find out how, and what Disciple does with them.

Communities are a group effort and generally work better when people share their ideas and feedback. At Disciple, we take this approach with the platform we build too. If you have an idea for something the platform should do, or how it could be better, we want to know. 

Do you have an idea?

Thought of something that would really help you manage your community, or help your members get the most out of it? Great, we want to know!

It really helps us to know lots of detail. When we look at your idea, this is what we really want to know.

To give you an example, here are some features we've added to the platform recently off the back of your feature ideas:

  • RTMP livestreaming
  • Multi tier subscriptions
  • App translations

What is the problem you have that your idea solves? We love to understand problems because often there's more than one solution, and understanding the problem means we can really focus on building the right solution. An example problem might be: "It's difficult for members to find who to talk to about the content of a group."

How will you know if your idea solves the problem? What do you expect to change if we implemented this idea? Will there be a shift in member behaviour or is there a metric you expect to move? Again, this ensures we understand the problem and can build a solution to address it. 

How would you expect it to work? We don't expect you to have fully designed your idea - but if you have thoughts on how you think it should work, do share them. Everyone is different and understanding your expectations for functionality helps us avoid making assumptions about how something should work. 

Once you have a clear view of your idea and the problem it solves, it's time to submit it.

Submit your idea

If your idea is something to do with the Console or your experience as a host - submit it to the Console feedback board.

If your idea is to do with the member experience, mobile apps or web community - submit it to the Community feedback board.

There's no set format but give us as much info as you can on the problem, your idea and how you think it should work.

We'll look into it

We get ideas and feedback from lots of sources, including you - but we regularly collate them all and review them to help prioritise what we are building, and add to our understanding of the challenges of running an effective community.

We take into account lots of things when we decide what features or ideas to take forward. Popular ideas obviously help, but complexity and feasibility, cost, market fit and what other customers say obviously come into it somewhere too!

If we don't understand the idea you submitted, or we want a bit more info on how you think it should work - we may be in touch. Many ideas get added to our 'to do' list, we can't always make them as quickly as we'd like, but we don't forget about them and will come back to them when we can!