How to Use a Folder

Folders are great places to store and link to a variety of content. This article will cover all of these!

First things first. In The Console, you will automatically have a top level folder created for you called ‘Folders’. Feel free to rename this to whatever you want, by selecting edit, and entering a new name, and even entering a description!: 

Hit Save!

That’s your top level folder sorted. All your other folders will live here.

How you organise your folder structure is completely up to you. You can have different folders for different types of content - e.g one for podcasts, one for courses, one for articles. 

But firstly, how do you create a subfolder, and what can you put in it?

To create a subfolder, select the + icon: 

This will open the following: 

Give the subfolder a name and hit save!

This will present the following view: 

The folder icon on the left will take you inside the folder, and the three dots on the right will give you the following options: 

Feel free to update the thumbnail, edit the title, or delete the folder: 

Next, click the folder icon to go inside the folder: 

View Live: is the live link of the folder. 

Details: is which of your groups are able to view the folder. This is a useful feature if you want certain folders only to be viewable to certain groups of members. For instance, if you’ve got paid subscribers and want to share content, such as a course, only with them. 

Folder Views: is data which shows how many views the folder got in a day, and in the last 30 days. 

Edit Cover: allows you to upload a cover photo that runs along the top when someone opens the folder.

Pencil icon: lets you change the folder name and add a description. 

Selecting the ‘+ Add’ icon lets you add the following content to your folder: 

Let’s explore each of these in detail. Bear in mind that each folder can only house 1 of these categories. So if you want to upload ‘Assets’ into Folder A, you can only add more assets in this folder. You will need to create Folder B, to add e.g an article. 

New Folder: this is if you want to add a subfolder within the folder. For example this folder is called ‘My dog’. If I wanted to break it down into different categories such as ‘my dog at the park’, ‘funny photos’, or ‘puppy love’, I could create different subfolders within this folder to house the different categories of content. 



Anything that you’ve got stored on your computer - WAV, MP3, JPG, PNG, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, and PDF, can be uploaded here. Either drag and drop the selected files, or click ‘Browse files’ to upload. 


Here, you will be prompted to give your article a title. Once actioned, select Add and you’ll be taken to the following page to complete your article. 

Use this article creator to create your article. Fill in as many sections as you want, add an image, add a video, toggle on/off the published date, comments, and likes, then once you're happy, either click publish, or click schedule to schedule the post for a later date!

The published article will look like this in the folder, with the option to add more articles:

Link: Selecting this will allow you to link to anywhere with the community, or add an external URL.

From this dropdown, some of the options you select will expand to give you more specificity. E.g if you select External URL, you will have the option to enter the URL, and choose whether it opens in the app. Or selecting ‘Group’ will give you the option to select a specific group to link to. 

Livestream: any livestream hosted in your community will appear here for you to link to from the following drop down: 

And you’re done!


This is what our finished product looks like in The Console. 

Our top level folder here is ‘Welcome to Our Community’:

Within that, we have the following subfolders: 

We’ve been building My Dog throughout this article, so let’s take a peek in there:

We’ve got the folder header, title and description: 

We’ve got 4 subfolders, containing lots of different types of content: 

And this is what it looks like in the community!