How to Notify Members of a Post

This article will teach you how to trigger a push notification with a specific post.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the account you’re posting from is enabled to send push notifications. 

In The Console, go to your Member List. Select the desired account. Select Edit. Toggle on ‘Can send push notifications to all users’: 

Press save. 

Go to the Posts section, select the Group you want to post in, and create your post. 

When you begin typing, a bell button will appear beneath the text box. Finish your post, and click on the bell button: 

This will open a pop up with the following drop down menu:

Select the option that’s relevant to you. 

If you select any of the options that notify members, you will then be prompted to type in what the notification will read: 

If you leave this text box blank, then the notification is set to read This member posted in this group. 

Click Okay. This will take you back to editing your post. When you’re happy, press Post!

Disciple Tips: 

  • One of the key reasons for Members disabling push notifications is that they're bombarded by them. If you're publishing multiple posts, consider only sending a push notification for the key content that day.
  • The best push notifications are short and to the point. Simple.
  • A number of studies have shown that engagement with push notifications is higher when emojis are used 🎉
  • Create some urgency by using push notifications as a way to alert your community to something that's only available for a limited period, has a limited availability or requires immediate action.