How To Create a Poll

You can create a poll from the Posts section in The Console.

Go to the Posts page, and select your desired group. At the bottom of the text box, click ‘More’: 

This will give you the option to ‘Add poll’. 

Selecting this, will open the following:

In the text box, write your Poll question. Then populate the Option fields with the Poll options. You are automatically given 2 options, but selecting ‘ADD OPTION’ will allow you to add up to 4 option fields for members to vote on:

Next, you can set how long members have to vote on the Poll. The Poll is automatically set to ‘NEVER ENDS’ which means it will always be on going. To change this, select ‘NEVER ENDS’ and you will see a pop up prompting you to select the date it will end, then the time: 

If you’ve selected a date and time for it to end, you then have the further option of choosing whether to keep the results hidden until the Poll ends, or have them be live. You can control this from the toggle option that appears on the right hand corner of the text box:  

Once you’re finished setting your Poll up, hit POST to publish it immediately, or hit SCHEDULE to schedule the Poll for a later date and time!

Disciple Tips:

  • Polls can only be created from The Console’s Post section. 
  • Polls are a great way to get your community engaging within the app. It gives you the opportunity to pose a question to understand the preferences and opinions of your members.
  • Polls are a useful tool in getting feedback from your members.