Home Screen Layout Options

There are three different layout options available for your home screen. One is an activity feed. One is a group. One is a folder. Let’s explore each.

Activity Feed & Group

This means that when a member first opens your app/web they will be directed to an activity feed. This can be the feed of a specific group. Or a general ‘Activity feed’ that collects relevant posts from all the groups they’re a part of, and puts them in a single feed. It looks like this: 

Along the top, the groups that the member is a part of will be displayed, so that the member can easily switch between groups. 

The Activity Feed first shows a Post option, so the member can immediately post to their feed. It is then followed by a feed of posts from other members and groups that are relevant to that member. If you select a specific group as the homepage rather than the activity feed, the layout will be the same, however the posts will be specific to that group. 

To set up this layout, go to the Navigation section of The Console, and select Home.

From here, choose either Activity Feed or Group, depending on your preference. 

If you select Group, you will be prompted to select the specific group you want to be on the home page. Remember, this selection will be the experience for every member of the community, so choose wisely. 

When you’re happy with your selection, click Publish!


You can set a specific folder to be the homepage of your community. The app would open the folder you select, and show all the subfolders available. It would look like this: 

To set this up, from the Navigation section of the Console, select home page, and select Folder from the drop down: 

From the second drop down that appears, select the specific folder you want to set as the homepage. Then hit publish!