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MailChimp Integration

Learn how to reach your user base using Mailchimp.

Setting up Mailchimp

We recommend Mailchimp as the preferred solution for contacting your userbase by email. By integrating with your own Mailchimp account you have complete control of this communication.

You will need to create your own Mailchimp account and we also recommend creating a new user list specifically for your Disciple app.

Information we send to Mailchimp

For each user who registers on the platform we create a new entry in your specified Mailchimp list and include the below information about the user. We also keep these fields up to date in your list for all users (for example if a user updates their email address this would be reflected in your Mailchimp list).

You can then use these fields to segment your communications to your users. See Mailchimp’s “Getting Started with Segments” for more information.

Note users who use choose not to register and use the app anonymously are not included.

Fields relevant for all apps:

  • Email address
  • Date registered -  date user signed up with email address

The Setup

Step One: Mailchimp tokens

To set up the Mailchimp link you will need 2 things from Mailchimp. You will need to capture the API Key and the Audience ID. 

API Key can be found here:

Login to Mailchimp ➙ Username (top right menu), profile option ➙ Profile, Extras dropdown, API Keys ➙ 


      Audience Key can be found here: 

      Login to Mailchimp ➙ Audience menu  ➙ Manage Audience ➙ Settings (Dropdown) ➙ 


      Step Two: Activating Mailchimp Integration

      You're almost there, all you need to do now is add your Audience and API Keys onto the integrations page in the console.

      Start by signing in to your Community console and heading to the integrations page on the left-hand navigation. You will then see the Mailchimp integration:

      Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 14.44.30
      Firstly you will want to enable the integration via the on/off toggle.

      Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 14.46.01

      Then using the provided fields for API Key and List ID you will need to insert the information you have gathered from Mailchimp.

      • Start by Putting your API key into the API key text field.
      • Now put your audience key into the List ID text field.
      • Decide on a list name (for example on the App it will say "Would you like to receive emails from us about The Collective?")

      Once these items have been entered into the text fields, click save. 

      Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 14.44.20

      By selecting save you will be confirming your Mailchimp integration and pushing it live to your community. For it to display on the mobile app, you will need to perform an app update

      If at any moment you decide that you do not wish to have your Mailchimp integration any longer, then you can simply disable this integration using the on/off toggle. Once toggled your Mailchimp integration will go into a disabled state where it can be enabled again at any time. 


      Looking to create your own community app? Contact our Community Experts -  info@disciplemedia.com

      Need help with your existing Disciple powered community? Contact our Customer Support team - help@disciplemedia.com